Gerald Mattel

Non conformist photographer in brittany


" Well... It was a long time since I shed a few tears for our wedding! "

" It's too great, as expected I discover moments that I haven't seen, it's perfect!!! "

" That's exactly the result we dreamed of, thank you again "


Originality, authenticity and quality


My website is in french but the photography is universal, so you can browse it without worrying about the texts, enjoy it !!

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Mariage La Clusaz Photographe Gerald Mattel (3).jpg

Let me introduce,

Bearded adventurer, I am a photographer passionate about the human and life.

Gérald, 26, photographer, haute-savoyard, gourmand, bear in his spare time.

Explorer of new regions when the opportunity arises, I loved wide open spaces and atypical places.


Installed in Brittany and more specifically in Morbihan, I travel regularly throughout France

and from time to time abroad to photograph the beautiful stories of those who trust me.

It is a chance to live with this passion and I am proud to follow great lovers and families!


My photographic approach is that of photo-reportage: to transcribe the true and the natural,

to make images that look like my married ones while bringing my grain of madness.

I attach great importance to action and emotion in my images.


To meet is an essential phase: what is your story, what defines you, what makes you love yourself?

All these details will make me understand your personalities and allow me to make great pictures.


Working together means creating a unique vision and filling your memory boxes with beautiful images.


A sharp look, to capture all the little moments that make the big days!


I can not wait to read your words, and find out more about your project.


You can reach me by : 

Whatsapp: +33 6 59 65 40 12


Hangouts : +33 6 59 65 40 12

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